6 Handpicked Sites for Free Cinematic Stock Footage in 2021

Need stock footage for your upcoming client projects? Here are the top handpicked sites to find free stock footage on the internet

This is one of the top sites where free stock footage can be found on the internet. Even though Pexels was basically developed as a platform or site where stock images could be shared and downloaded, but today, it has widened into a free stock footage library. 

Pexels has more than thousands of high-quality footage ranging from nature, motion picture, video clips, and all things needed to produce mind-blowing footage. You can download as many footages as possible for free and without any limit.

Pixabay is one of the sites that has one of the strongest assortments of free stock footage. 
Presently, they have more than 5000 free stock footages accessible for download, all delivered under the public space, which means you can utilize them for whatever reason you need without any difficulty. 
The video library of Pixabay is developed by expert editors and videographers, each giving a valiant effort to add to the open public. 

Life of Vids is one of the top sites, and it presently has over 300 high resolution and quality footages in its library. All footage can be assessed and downloaded without any restrictions of copyright.The site doesn’t need attribution yet supports it in the event that you can utilize so they can make more footages for people to enjoy.

Mazwai is also one of the top sites that has the most amazing aggregations of free stock footages of individuals, nature, and regular day to day existence. Mazwai is a profound collection library of footages that are amazing and mind-blowing, which can be assessed on their site and no place else. 

Coverr offers free footages without copyright that are ideal for delightful video foundations for sites. You can utilize these footages for business purposes, without authorization from or crediting Coverr.

Videvo is an exceptionally kept up free stock footage website that transfers new free video clips week after week. They have all your requirements, from a cityscape’s time-lapse to the customary thoughts of individuals in their everyday life. You can likewise download recordings of nature, special visualization foundations, and such.

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